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Each System includes Fitting Cradles with "adjustable beds" (for adjustment of High / Low)
The following items are included in each PPFS system:
Two (2) each - Fitting Cradles and Pipe Rests, One (1) each - Pipe Nipple Rest,
Tee Rest, Short Radius Elbow Rest, 45 Degree Elbow Rest, Tri-spacer and Ratchet Wrench.
Four (4) Cinch Chains, Four (4) or Eight (8) Two Hole Bolts or Studs with Nuts

SPEEDRAIL standard configuration consists of three (3) lengths of square tube totaling
twenty (20) linear feet - 5' x 10' x 5' or forty (40) linear feet - 10' x 20' x 10' with leveling supports.
SPEEDRAILS are center punched and red dotted (on each section)
to provide quick and accurate 90° and 45° angles or any other desired angle (by mathematical calculation).
Customer may order any length or configuration (cost prorated).

The SPEEDRAIL Stanchion Supports will allow fitters, welders and helpers to "belly-up" from both
sides during the fit-up and tacking process with plenty of room for everybody (similar to "jack stands").
Most PPFS fixtures (when not in use) can be stored on the midrail directly under the SPEEDRAIL.
The height of the Support Stanchions will position the SPEEDRAIL such that
the average size fixtures will have a centerline height of 42".
The Support Stanchions are Powder Coated and include Floor (flush) Concrete Drop Anchors (Imbeds),
Machine Bolts, Leveling Nuts, Washers, Leveling Nut Wrench, and a Base Plate Hole Layout / Drill Template
Two (2) 7/8" All Thread Rods (for stabilizing the Drill Template after the first Hammer Drilled Hole)
Layout and Assembly Drawings for the SPEEDRAIL Stanchions will be provided.
(Customer to supply Hammer Drill, 7/8" Drill Bit and all other tools required for the installation)


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