FIT RITE Customers

Southeast Mechanical Corporation

We have been using the FIT RITE system in our shop for almost a year now and our fabricators couldn't be more pleased. This system has saved so much time...which has resulted in faster productivity. This has increased our workload capabilities without increasing our labor costs. The ease of use and simple step by step operating procedures make this equipment very user-friendly and all shop personnel are comfortable operating it. Our initial purchase included smaller sized tooling kits but after seeing the results we have since added larger sizes so this now accommodates all our project needs.

William J. Ratajack, Jr.


Process Equipment & Service Company, Inc.

We have been using the 2", 3", and 4" FIT RITE Pipe Alignment System successfully for 7-months. The alignment of flanges, 90's, tees, and slip on flanges have improved both on fit up time and accuracy of level and square. The FIT RITE System is simple to understand and learn. As well as mobile and can be moved from job to job. We are pleased with the system and utilize every opportunity to use FIT RITE.

Daniel Gamboa
Weld Parts Supervisor

Advanced Flow Systems

"...Thank you for developing a tool that is so simple for operators to use. Not only have we increased our throughput by over 30%, our quality and process reliability has improved dramatically as well. Our junior fitters are able to produce quicker and their quality of fit is excellent each and every time.

After ordering one set of tooling on a trial basis it was clear within the first week that we would order more. We have since ordered multiples of all sizes."

Mark Hopley
Advanced Flow Systems

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Anderson Industrial Contracting


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